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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Turkey Creek and More...

         Wildon, LoreLei, Lily, and I had a pretty busy day today and now I'm wiped out. What do you say though to someone who is pregnant and walks a million miles in one day other than Superwoman lol. Okay not even close to feeling like that, but I don't feel to horrible. 
        Our day started off with Wildon making us pancakes. And boy were they Yummy!  LoreLei ate more than the most of us did. Lily just wasn't interested in eating breakfast. She didn't even want to drink her bottle, but as soon as we got ready and got in the car she was sure thirsty. Maybe it was because the poor girls teeth are coming in.
      First stop we made was on base, which was a great idea to take the kids to feed the turtles our extra uneaten pancakes. However, before I get ahead of myself we had a little accident before we even got out our the car. Something was smelling horribly rank. We had asked LoreLei if she pooped or what the smell was. I can tell you it was NOT LoreLei. LoreLei went with "daddy willin" over to the water while I got lily out. I knew that lily had made a mess in her diaper, but seriously it was all over her pants and car seat. It took me FOREVER to clean her up and the car seat. Good thing that Wildon was there or it would have turned out into a bigger mess. MY WONDERFUL husband helped me clean it all up. What a great guy, wouldn't you agree. 
     After getting Lily all cleaned up we ALL went to feed the turtles. We even seen TWO great big Leather back turtles. It was something that I believe we all enjoyed. There were probably at LEAST 25-30 Turtles and hundreds of little fishies girls got to watch swim for a while. 

After Finshing at the Turtle grounds we were on our way to drop off somethings at the Airmans Attic, which turned out great this time. LoreLei found a pair of almost brand new sneakers she was in need of those, and found some other great things on our hunt to donate things we end up with more AHHH.. guess it's time to keep going through stuff to declutter. We did get an extra stroller for Lily though and a high chair that looks BRAND NEW as well .. :)! 

Later that day we had a pinic and went to turkey creek. Between those two things We walked over two miles. This fatty can't handle it. I feel it now. lol. Turkey creek with Kristie and Kenzie was great. Here are a few more pictures from the day we had.

Now the rest of the day.. Relax!!!!

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