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Saturday, October 27, 2012

What we have all been waiting for .....

I've gotten so many emails and comments on my facebook to post photos of LoreLei Lane's Halloween Outfit. So here is a small sneak peak of what it will look like ... OFF her.. Just wait until you see the pieces put on her all together she's going to be the cutest little pirate EVER. :)!

I'm currently still working on the tutu so it looks kind of funny just laying on the ground like that. 

The only thing I will have left to do is figure out how I want to do her hair and if i want to use her i patch or not. :D

This is looking a little funny just laying there but super cut when on :) :)!

Lorelei thought it was a good idea to put her hand in the paint UGH!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!!

Happy Saturday Ya'll
Are Ya'll Ready For Halloween Yet?
Not This Momma.

Today I have to watch Abby and Noah, so you know what that means?!
Not getting anywhere with LoreLei's Halloween Costume. 
It's half done, but not completely done yet.

Can't wait to show everyone what our hard work turned into :)!

If I only had a little more time I found some amazing Projects I would have loved to make, but
this year it just isn't looking like that is going to happen. 

Next year we just have to make ROCK MONSTERS. The kids will LOVE those. 

And a lot more, but I'll keep those to myself until next halloween :)!