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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Finally Burp Cloths are Finished :)!!!!

Here are some of my burp rags and wash cloths that I have made. For not sewing since 8th or 9th grade, I do not think I did so bad. Some of them turned out a little better than others. And some just SUCK!, But isn't the goal of trying to become a better sewer to practice and try harder at what you are trying to do?! Thats what I thought!!! I'm finished for a while.. I'll probably be making more for all my friends and family members who are having new babies. I have to say it's BABY Season around us though. Everyone is having babies I swear. I love it though. I love babies that's for sure.

I'm excited to say .. I will be an aunt for the first time in a few months and that excites me .. My brother is having a little girl YAY!!! :D :D

Oct 23. 2012

Oct 23 2012,

We woke up on a great side of the bed this morning, even if everyone in my house did not. LoreLei woke up to a "bad" dream as she says every morning, so we cuddled for a little while until "daddy willin" woke up. He woke up in one of those "Lets get out of the house" moods even though I wanted to finish working on my burp cloth project. I gave in and went out and about with him. 

We went to the library to check out some books. We checked out Sh*t my dad says, and some sewing book for me to read and learn some hints from as I'm trying to learn. We went to JoAnns and bought some fabric paint to finish our Christmas gifts for the grandparents :)! I'll post those photographs AFTER CHRISTMAS, but I think they turned out amazing. I have to finish putting the magic touch on them, but they look great. LoreLei Lane did a great job. :). We stopped at a few pawn shops to see if they had anything good, but sadly they did not. We went to LOWES and got come ideas for our closets. I'm pretty excited about that. Also wil was looking at something he would enjoy working on for a project. I can NOT wait gruntil he starts doing that. He needs to do something exciting for him without just hanging out with us girls. It's got to be boring for him I know. 

Wil has all these great projects in his head to do and I know he'll enjoy them very much, so I hope he knows I support him in them. He really is pretty amazing even if I don't show or tell him enough how great he really is.  He wants to start something and make it BIG!!! He is such a smart smart guy  I know he can do it :)!

Rawrrrr..... Found this picture of LoreLei from a little over a year ago so I thought that I would share it.. It makes me Laugh! She's something special alright :)!

Our New Project...

 Wish me Luck
       First project I am working on to post about is LoreLei Lane and I are going to be making some burp cloths. Yes, it's baby season around here. Seems like everyone is having babies right now, so why not make everyone something that they are going to need. I have gotten some fabrics already from JoAnns so I'll have a small start on what we will need for this project. However I have seen so many different ways to make these things it's not even funny. The scarest part of this is I haven't really sewn since HIGH SCHOOL. 9th grade to be right on the dot. Here are some Ideas I have gotten from the internet. 

Use washrags, towels, terry cloth, and flannel fabrics. 

I think I'll do a little of all, but i'll skip on the terry cloth and just use towels or wash rags for that. It will be a little less costly that way. 

I can buy 10 wash rags at Target for 2.00 or a half a yard of terry cloth for over five dollars. It seems to be smarter to just spend the 2.00 dollars on 10 rags to me. How about yourself. 

So I'm going to get off here and get started our project filled day since it's 752 am and LoreLei Lane just woke up. Wil has off today so maybe we will go to the library as well and pick up some books we will see what the day brings but first step is getting off and making breakfast I will post about what happens and pictures of the burp clothes :)!

My Extraordinary Family....

My Extraordinary Family....

This would be the maker of this blog MYSELF... :)! 26 years old and counting ...:)

My admirable husband Wildon and Myself on our wedding day. July 29, 2011. He brings me joy daily. We might not always see everything the same ways, but in the end we are always there for one another. And that's what matters :)! 

My Beautiful daughter Summer LaRae and Myself from last valentine days day. This girl is something I tell you. She's a hopefully bright shining star in our family. She has changed my world so much. Momma Loves you!!!

LoreLei Lane and Summer LaRae.. My TWO amazing little girls. LoreLei is our family clown. She's always coming up with something new and exciting to say. She makes every day worth smiling about.

This will be our final addition to our family :)! Finally our little baby boy in our family!!!! :)