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Monday, October 29, 2012

Randomness From LoreLei Lane

As I'm sitting on the couch I hear something coming from LoreLei was some babbling. I really wanted to know what the heck she was talking about or two.
She was standing next to my vaccum cleaner saying OH HUSBAND of mine, 
You dear are my best friend and I love you.
While she's hugging the darn thing tries to Kiss it and says Baby I love you.
I'm going to bed goodnight .. What a nerd ... 

Getting Ready For Trunk Or Treating..

Trunk or Treating in Navarre 

To be honest this is the first time I have ever heard of 
have you ever heard of it?
Until My friend told me about it!
After she told me about it we had to try it. 

We had a good ole' time Trunk or Treating
We also got a hay ride. 
The YMCA did a great job putting it on
I was very impressed.

Oh and LoreLei got a "tattoo" she was so excited.
She tells me she's getting one for her birthday that doesn't come off
What the hay she's going to be three.
I don't think so.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello Boys and Girls.. 
Are you looking for someone to help share your 
Special life events with friends and family???

You won't have to look any farther. 
If you are near my home town 
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B Eitserts Photography

Not only can she get the job done and well 
She's a joy to work with.
She's pretty much amazing.
At great pricing, fun, friendly, and
AMAZING photographs to share for a life time.

Check her out!!! :)

I could sit here all day and post all million of her amazing photographs, but I think i'll let you go check out her site, or even her facebook page at ....

Don't miss out!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

What we have all been waiting for .....

I've gotten so many emails and comments on my facebook to post photos of LoreLei Lane's Halloween Outfit. So here is a small sneak peak of what it will look like ... OFF her.. Just wait until you see the pieces put on her all together she's going to be the cutest little pirate EVER. :)!

I'm currently still working on the tutu so it looks kind of funny just laying on the ground like that. 

The only thing I will have left to do is figure out how I want to do her hair and if i want to use her i patch or not. :D

This is looking a little funny just laying there but super cut when on :) :)!

Lorelei thought it was a good idea to put her hand in the paint UGH!!!

Happy Saturday!!!!!

Happy Saturday Ya'll
Are Ya'll Ready For Halloween Yet?
Not This Momma.

Today I have to watch Abby and Noah, so you know what that means?!
Not getting anywhere with LoreLei's Halloween Costume. 
It's half done, but not completely done yet.

Can't wait to show everyone what our hard work turned into :)!

If I only had a little more time I found some amazing Projects I would have loved to make, but
this year it just isn't looking like that is going to happen. 

Next year we just have to make ROCK MONSTERS. The kids will LOVE those. 

And a lot more, but I'll keep those to myself until next halloween :)! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Next Item on my list....

The next thing on my list I'm looking into is family photos. It's so hard for me to figure out how much to pay for them, who to go to, indoor or outdoor photos, and how many to buy.. Not only those questions, but what to wear how to look and all that wonderful stuff .. If you have any ideas please feel free to let me know :)! 

It's late October, but yet it's beautiful here still. I was thinking about taking LoreLei to one of the Pumpkin Patches and taking pictures myself of just her in her halloween outfit, but it is just getting a little too late for that I'm thinking unless I take all the kids on Sunday. We will see how that goes. 

I'm also working on some photographs I took of a friend of mine I'm hoping I'll be able too finish those soon as well.  We took some in her back yard. They kind of turned out amazing for only taking ten minutes. :)

Give me some advice on photos ladies :)!

Sounds of an Old Man....

The sounds of an old man kept coming from LoreLei Lanes bedroom last night. All night long all we  heard was something sounding like a old man who smoked his whole life coughing and hacking in her bedroom. 

I felt so bad.. She woke up around 1130 pm with a hard time breathing and her face was redder than a cherry. It was heart breaking that she was coughing so horribly. I gave her some cough meds. and I swear they never seem to work for her.  If they dont seem to start working on her I'll be taking her to the doctors office and get her checked out. 

On the other hand if she stops coughing we will be headed over to Jessica's to see her and Harvey :)! Harvey is the most amazing little guy EVER. What a beautiful little smile he has. He's such a cuddly baby. Also we will get to see miss LILY if we go. Won't that be amazing! She makes me so happy :)!

I also have beautiful little Madison tonight at 9 pm until late tonight. LoreLei will be sleeping.

Well I'm going to go and make our daily to do list.

Here is our random photo of the day just incase I do not get to post one :D!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Randomness from LoreLei Lane......

    Mom if I eat that hot dog.. I'll turn into a PUPPY! 
I am NOT.. I said I am NOT eating that.
I don't want to crawl and bark all day. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Turkey Creek and More...

         Wildon, LoreLei, Lily, and I had a pretty busy day today and now I'm wiped out. What do you say though to someone who is pregnant and walks a million miles in one day other than Superwoman lol. Okay not even close to feeling like that, but I don't feel to horrible. 
        Our day started off with Wildon making us pancakes. And boy were they Yummy!  LoreLei ate more than the most of us did. Lily just wasn't interested in eating breakfast. She didn't even want to drink her bottle, but as soon as we got ready and got in the car she was sure thirsty. Maybe it was because the poor girls teeth are coming in.
      First stop we made was on base, which was a great idea to take the kids to feed the turtles our extra uneaten pancakes. However, before I get ahead of myself we had a little accident before we even got out our the car. Something was smelling horribly rank. We had asked LoreLei if she pooped or what the smell was. I can tell you it was NOT LoreLei. LoreLei went with "daddy willin" over to the water while I got lily out. I knew that lily had made a mess in her diaper, but seriously it was all over her pants and car seat. It took me FOREVER to clean her up and the car seat. Good thing that Wildon was there or it would have turned out into a bigger mess. MY WONDERFUL husband helped me clean it all up. What a great guy, wouldn't you agree. 
     After getting Lily all cleaned up we ALL went to feed the turtles. We even seen TWO great big Leather back turtles. It was something that I believe we all enjoyed. There were probably at LEAST 25-30 Turtles and hundreds of little fishies girls got to watch swim for a while. 

After Finshing at the Turtle grounds we were on our way to drop off somethings at the Airmans Attic, which turned out great this time. LoreLei found a pair of almost brand new sneakers she was in need of those, and found some other great things on our hunt to donate things we end up with more AHHH.. guess it's time to keep going through stuff to declutter. We did get an extra stroller for Lily though and a high chair that looks BRAND NEW as well .. :)! 

Later that day we had a pinic and went to turkey creek. Between those two things We walked over two miles. This fatty can't handle it. I feel it now. lol. Turkey creek with Kristie and Kenzie was great. Here are a few more pictures from the day we had.

Now the rest of the day.. Relax!!!!