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Tuesday, January 22, 2013



Have you ever been so pregnant and can't seem to stay focused? That would be me. I can not seem to stay focused on anything right now, and I blame that on my lack of blogging in the last forever. Also I just can not focus on the other things I need to get done I start things and than go to other things and back to the thing I started before. I do not know if I get bored or if i just can not focus on one thing or another. I guess I'll find out soon enough. I do blame it on my pregnancy though at least this point in time .

I have so much to do while the rest of the time little miss LoreLei is gone and before this baby is born though. I can not believe how much slacking I've really done lately. I have to get LoreLei's room finished up, almost done though. I have gotten rid of 3 tubs of clothes, two large boxes, an extra pack in play that I think was uglier than sin, and a few trash bags full of random things in her room. I also scrubbed down her walls I want to do it one more time before she comes home though and get all the dust out of there. I also want to find her a cute toy box and not this big blue laundry basket thing we are using for a toy box, but we will see how that goes. I have taken a lot of stuff to the airmans attic and I will until we leave this base. I can not lie without the airmans attic  and the friends I have around here I doubt I would be this prepared for our little man. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

However, I have gotten the hospital and diaper bags packed for him as well and put in the car. I have the camera just not the camera card in the bag I need to remember that and my phone charger for that.

I have decided that instead of using Cloth diapers (since we aren't sure where we are going to be living at next year) that I would use cloth wipes they are a lot cheaper to make than buying cloth diapers and easier to use.

Well Summer and Lorelei are in Wisconsin I'm pinning and unpinning everything I want to do with the girls room. We are going to be building some kind of bunk bed for them. I'm super excited for wil to do that. Since LoreLei thinks it's a MUST to jump on LoreLei's bed every day we decided we would give LoreLei summer's twin and look for a full size bed for Summer. Can't wait to make their bedrooms :)! Looking for cute bedding and it will take me months to chose one for them. They both want it PINK hmmm I wonder what other color can go with pink other than purple i'm so sick of pink and purple.. LoreLei says NO PRINCESSES just pink stuff lol.. She's so funny.

Also I have updated everything we have gotten or our needs list for baby friemel :)!

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