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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Finally Burp Cloths are Finished :)!!!!

Here are some of my burp rags and wash cloths that I have made. For not sewing since 8th or 9th grade, I do not think I did so bad. Some of them turned out a little better than others. And some just SUCK!, But isn't the goal of trying to become a better sewer to practice and try harder at what you are trying to do?! Thats what I thought!!! I'm finished for a while.. I'll probably be making more for all my friends and family members who are having new babies. I have to say it's BABY Season around us though. Everyone is having babies I swear. I love it though. I love babies that's for sure.

I'm excited to say .. I will be an aunt for the first time in a few months and that excites me .. My brother is having a little girl YAY!!! :D :D

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