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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sounds of an Old Man....

The sounds of an old man kept coming from LoreLei Lanes bedroom last night. All night long all we  heard was something sounding like a old man who smoked his whole life coughing and hacking in her bedroom. 

I felt so bad.. She woke up around 1130 pm with a hard time breathing and her face was redder than a cherry. It was heart breaking that she was coughing so horribly. I gave her some cough meds. and I swear they never seem to work for her.  If they dont seem to start working on her I'll be taking her to the doctors office and get her checked out. 

On the other hand if she stops coughing we will be headed over to Jessica's to see her and Harvey :)! Harvey is the most amazing little guy EVER. What a beautiful little smile he has. He's such a cuddly baby. Also we will get to see miss LILY if we go. Won't that be amazing! She makes me so happy :)!

I also have beautiful little Madison tonight at 9 pm until late tonight. LoreLei will be sleeping.

Well I'm going to go and make our daily to do list.

Here is our random photo of the day just incase I do not get to post one :D!!!!

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