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Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Day Challenge

What Am I thankful for ....

1 st ... I am thankful for my life... :)!!!!! So many people are unhealthy at at this point in my life I have been lucky to be very healthy with everything that has happened.  Might sound kind of an ego  thing but i see to many people being ill.. makes me sad :(

2nd .... I am so thankful for my children and child to be. Sometimes this mother gets a little frustrated with things they do or say, but it doesn't mean I'm not thankful for them. I love them very much.

Summer LaRae is Summer LaRae.. My little Princess. She's my sweet cuddle bug who will tell me how much she loves me and what I do for her that she loves. She is a hard child to put to words, only because she's such an easy daughter to love. :)

LoreLei Lane.. She's my Clown. My Frankie Jane.. My baby girl who makes me laugh every single day. No matter what she's always making me laugh. If she's happy nor sad she'll still make you laugh.  She's a character I can tell you that.

3rd.... Death do Us Apart... I am very thankful for my husband. I am thankful for him because of many reasons, not just one, because he sure has changed my life.

Without him I'd be back to square one.. Lost and Confused.. He is Simply wonderful. As Korny as that sounds.

4th... I would have to say I'm very thankful for meeting some of the most amazing in EVER. Some  people don't know this but i have a very supportive mother in law. Who has been there for us and helped us through some rough times. Also I'm thankful for what my mother has been there or not been there for through out the years.. She's made me a very strong person.

5th.. I am thankful homemade Chix Noodle Soup on days that I'm not feeling very well. Not only does the taste of it make me feel better the smell of it reminds me of back home. Reminds me of the simple things that can make a person happy.

6th. I am thankful that I can be a stay at home mother for now. It means the world to me to be able to stay at home. Days I go crazy I remember what it is like to actually get dressed and go to work and not see or talk to my loved ones until the day is over. :(!

7th. I am thankful for the right to be able to vote in our country for what I believe in.. Even if the person next to me does NOT vote for the same person. I'm also thankful I don't have to listen to election stuff for another few years :D :D

8th... I am thankful for my brother Brett, who turned 16 today :)! He has actually made me the strong person I am today. Without him I would have NOT grown up fast. And I would have NOT been as strong as I am today. Him and I have went through a lot in our life time together and I love him dearly. He's one of the people I think about daily and one reason  I can not wait to get back to wisconsin for. I need my brother back in my everyday life. I LOVE YOU BRETT LLOYD EDGE.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY......

9th... I am thankful for the fact I had my grandparents growing up. If it weren't for them I do not know where I would be today. I am thankful because they showed me right from wrong.

10th..... This one might be a little harsh, but I am very thankful about how mean my father talked to me the last time I talked to him he made me want to be a better person and become a better mother.

11th... For all the vets out there like my uncle John "fuzzy" elliott... John was one of the most caring men in the world. He has showen me so much in life. He is MY HERO forever. Thank you for being part of my life.. You might be gone, but you are never forgotten. You will always have a place in my heart.

12th... I am thankful for the shelter I have over my head. Even though I might HATE HATE this apartment I am so very thankful for it. Without it I would not be able to take care of my children the way I do.

13th... My daily thanks goes to my husbands father...Whenever Wil is down or confused about something he is just a phone call away and helps Wil understand what he's confused or lost about. It really means a lot to me to know Someone is there willing to help out as much as he can and still be across the country.

14th.. I'm thankful for the babysitting jobs I have, without them I don't think I would be able to keep up with the extra activities this families wants to do :)!

15th.... I'm thankful for the nice people I've met here in Florida and the help they have given this family. One of the ladies I babysit for just gave us a mobile and bumper set.. How sweet .. :D 

16th... I'm thankful for my PAPA.. yes I said MY PAPA! He's the most AMAZING guy who is alive to this day making sure day to day we have everything we need. I love you grandpa.. Thank you for all your love and support.

17th...I'm thankful for my grandma .. Without her who knows how I would have managed over the years.. thank you!

18th.... I'm thankful for my friends here in florida.. they are amazing. I'll be sad that I leave .

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  1. I know what I am thankful for and some might sound kind of cocky, but than again maybe I am kind of cocky!!!