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Friday, November 2, 2012

LoreLei's Birthday .. :)

On Oct 31st was LoreLei Lanes Birthday Party And More..

We have a very eventful day with Lorelei and Lily. We had so much work to get done in the morning and surprisly we got it all finished on time, even with two little girls who didn't want us to get anything done. Both were surprisingly crabby. Maybe crabby is not the correct word of choice, but they sure weren't themselves. LoreLei was just over tired, and Lily is teething.

When Lily went down for a nap though she went down hard. She's such a little sweetheart though I don't mind her being a little fuss butt. :)! Her smile melts me in half.

Okay on with the day....

LoreLei had her "girls" come over for a while since they couldn't come to her party. They brought her some chalk and make up.. She was so excited. I think she was most excited about the balloons though.

Their mother, Miss Deborah, helped me mix somethings while I got Lily ready to go home. THANK YOU miss DEBORAH for all your help.

Also thank you Mister Wildon who also spent all day in the kitchen with me :) and going on my little runs when I forgot to grab things at the store.

LoreLei Lane did however get her darn purple cake that she wanted. When we made frosting though we made pink and green. It was a lot of fun :)!

We ran outta time for the frosting so we did a QUICK frosting job, but the cake and the frosting sure we yummy :D 


thank you jenna and kristie for bringing your families over to share some time with us for lorelei's birthday :D 

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