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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Baby Friemel....

Baby Friemel.....

So Everyone keeps asking me what we need or what we need for Mister baby Friemel. We have a list I had made a few months back. We won't make a baby Registry, but i have a list of things that we still need for the baby if you are still wanting to know what we need :)!!!
If it has a line through it, it just means we thought of it and have it already, and if it's off the list we probably forgot about it or we haven't thought about using it for this baby. Anything you want to get for mister baby friemel WILL NOT be taken for granted and I want to thank everyone in advance. 

Before I begin to tell you what we need or want I want to tell you more about what is going on..

Most of you didn't even know we were pregnant until a few weeks ago, some probably do not even know it.. It's NOT because we did not want you to know, so do not think you were left outta the loop. We had some very scary health issues. Due to those the doctor told us it was better left unsaid until everything was figured out.
With this pregnancy I have lost 25 lbs, my legs were turning purple, and I was in extreme pain. No one could tell me what was going on and we were scared. My uterus is twisted and tilted caused from a baby c section with little miss LoreLei Lane. Also other things that were causing things to go bad, but now we are extremely excited to say we will be having our first and last little boy. :)!

If you have any questions or comments go ahead and ask me .. Worst thing I'll tell you is to bug off :)!!!!!


Crib Mattress
Crib Bumpers
Dresser (One we can redo to match the rest of the room)
Changing Pad
Changing Pad Cover
Changing Table
Storage Tubs (Small ones for socks and booties and things like that)
Dirty Diaper Bin
Car Seat
Under Car seat mat ( Other wise known as a splat mat)
Strap covers for car seat
Head Support Pad for Car Seat
Water proof Crib Pad
Night Light
Crib Mobile (we have one for our bassinet and pack and play)
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Baby Monitors
Baby Hangers
Cart Cover

Car Sun Shield
Nursing Pillow (Boppy)
High Chair

Food Processer and Food Steamer (to make babyfood)
Bottles (Before buying you might want to check with us to see which ones we are going to go with.. We have an idea, but we are still working on doing the research on bottles we want to use)
Slow and Fast Nipples for bottles
Feeding Forks and Spoons plus bowls for babies
Freezer Tray for baby food

Door way jumper like a johnny jumper

Bottle Brushes
Booster Chair
Infant Seat like a bumbo
Wipe Warmer
Infant Bath Tub
Bath Mat for bath tub
Sippy Cups
Soft Comb and brush set
Nail Clippers for babies
Digital Thermometer

Nose Syringe
Hand Sanitizer
Infant q Tips
Rubbing Alcohol for cord
Infant Pain Fever Reliever
Gas Droplets
Teething Tablets
Rash Cream
Baby Lotions
Baby Oil (a small one )

Baby Powder ( I normally just use corn starch like my grandma used to use on us so something like that would be great :D)
Baby First aid kit

Laundry Soap
Bath Toys
Bath Spout Cover
Hooded Towels
Infant Wash Rags (I got to make my own :) )
Baby Shampoo
Diaper Bags

Travel Wipe Cases
Pacifer Holder
Pacifer Strap
Bibs (we have a few)
Burp Cloths (
 I also made these as well, but thank you)
Jackets ( we only need one in something that is 3-6 Months or bigger thanks)
Onesies (we do not need any newborn or 0-3 months, because we have enough of those but thank you)

Pants ( We do have newborn ones)
Receiving Blankets
baby books
Sophie the giraffe

Wil says anything to go with his xbox or a ps3 he'd like lol.. he's so SILLY!!!!!

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