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Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Lists
Everyone keeps asking me what Wildon, Summer, Lorelei, the baby, and myself want for Christmas so this is the list I have come up.

LoreLei Lane:
LoreLei Lane basically would like anything you get her. To be honest all she ever tells me she wants is a purple cake when I ask her what she wants, so I came up with a small list of things she likes or needs
She needs pants that are sized 2t/3t, tops that are 3t/4t, and anything that will keep her busy. She likes to color and use stickers. 
Lorelei also likes the following things....

Memory Games
Doctor kits
Piggy Bank
Leap Pad 2
Small Back Pack
Princess things
Kitchen Sets

Summer LaRae:
Summer told me she would like clothes that are six in size, monster high dolls, and polly pocket things. 

She really likes the colors pink and purple.
This are a few other things that I thought she might like.. A new piggy bank.. A new journal...

Wildon Jakob:
Wildon would really like visa gift cards, gift cards in general, games, and candy. I think he needs some new clothes as well... 

Baby Friemel:
Yes, I know baby friemel will not be here yet, but everyone keeps asking me what to get him for Christmas. The things are on the Baby Friemel  blog that we need but some extra things are A Large Stuffed Giraffe or Elephants, Bottles, and A Sophie the giraffe. 

The only things that I can think of are a B pump, purse to match my wallet that is, or a key holder for the wall, Journal, or Fabric. I really like working with Flannel fabric. Super Soft. I really do not need anything this year. I have everything I want :D

Something like that one, something brown or black... Doesn't really matter what it looks like as long as it's not too small, but I really just want Fabric or a Journal. 

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